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2021 - London Hospitality Reborn

2021 will see the rebirth of the London Hospitality industry. Following the challenging times that the industry has experienced, we understand the magnitude of rebuilding a positive, welcoming and secure guest environment.

Impact London is on hand to assist, with a series of innovations to help make this process as painless as possible, and to ensure your team members swiftly regain the highest standards of guest communication. 

The initiatives we have introduced are:


Short Active Practice 'Booster' Sessions

2-hour versions of our most popular courses, to refresh and reinforce the key communication skills of your existing team.

conversation (1).png

'Accelerated Sessions'

3-hour Active Practice sessions to introduce and embed the key communication skills in your new team-members.


Targeted 'New Hospitality' Sessions

3 brand-new sessions designed to enhance the teams’ ability to re-engage with their guests in a confident, assertive manner.

The 3 ‘New Hospitality’ sessions reflect your team’s reopening needs, covering key aspects such as observing essential protective measures whilst confidently engaging with guests, assertive guest interactions aimed at your housekeeping team and how to handle the stress of the new reality.

✓ Complete Booking Flexibility - we understand that things can change at the last minute as you prepare to reopen, so we offer complete flexibility to reschedule dates with no restrictions or penalties attached.

To find out more, contact John Baker on or give us a call on +447762373326. 

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