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Interactive online training via ZOOM

While we believe live face-to-face training is the most effective method of delivery, as we move into the ‘New Hospitality’ we recognise that this is not always feasible. 

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, Impact London have introduced a series of ‘live-online’ training sessions via Zoom, to ensure we can continue to support our clients while their staff are furloughed or working from home. In addition, these sessions will assist in preparing your staff for the eventual return to work and beyond.

We have refreshed and redesigned all our existing training sessions with new content and activities, to ensure they are as relevant, accessible and beneficial as possible in an online format. 

Each session revolves around a central presentation delivered live, with instruction, input and guidance from the 2 trainers. This ensures a lively level of engagement with the group, as well as making sure the sessions are as interactive as possible. We have included a wide range of activities and discussion points to encourage involvement from the participants.

As always, we are happy to create bespoke online versions of any of our courses for our clients to meet their specific training requirements.



To find out more, contact John Baker on or give us a call on +447762373326. 

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